Thursday, March 5, 2015

Black Lives Matter???

In the past two days, two Black police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty- 1 in Philadelphia and the other near Atlanta.
From the Officer Down Memorial Page:
Police Officer Robert Wilson was shot and killed when he and his partner interrupted a robbery at a video game store at 2101 West Lehigh Avenue at approximately 4:45 pm.
Citizens waved down Officer Wilson and his partner and told them of a robbery in progress inside the store. As they entered the store two subjects opened fire on them, striking Officer Wilson three times. He was transported to Temple University Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds a short time later.
The second officer returned fire, wounding one of the men. Both subjects were taken into custody.
Officer Wilson is survived by his wife.
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Police Officer Terence Green was shot and killed from ambush as he and other officers responded to reports of shots fired inside a house near the intersection of Chastain Way and Parks Trail at approximately 1:00 am.
The subject who lived in the home was known to police through frequent contacts with the department. Responding officers were unable to locate him inside the home and began searching the neighborhood after receiving additional calls stating the man was attempting to get into nearby homes.
As officers checked the area the man opened fire on them from a concealed position in the dark and fog. Officer Green was struck in the back of the head and another officer's duty belt and radio was struck as they attempted to seek cover. Other officers returned fired, wounding the man, and then took him into custody.
Officer Green was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds a short time later.
Officer Green had served with the Fulton County Police Department for 22 years.

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So, where is the outrage from the racist brothers of Barack, Eric, Jesse and Al?
Where are the marches in the streets by the fools and tools who marched and rioted in honor of a couple of black thugs who caused their own deaths when they confronted the cops in an illegal manner?
RIP to the officers and prayers to their families and to their departments.

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