Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reinstate Kurt Busch Now

From ESPN:
Suspended NASCAR driver Kurt Busch will not face criminal charges over the alleged assault of ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll at Dover International Speedway in September.
The decision by the Delaware attorney general's office, announced Thursday morning, might not affect Busch in the interim because he is under suspension by NASCAR. The sport indefinitely suspended the Stewart-Haas Racing driver before the Daytona 500 -- a decision that was upheld on appeal -- after a family court commissioner issued a detailed opinion Feb. 20 saying that Busch had committed an act of domestic violence against Driscoll....
NASCAR said in a statement that Busch remains suspended.
"He has accepted the terms and conditions of a reinstatement program and is actively participating in the program," NASCAR's statement read. "Kurt Busch's eligibility for reinstatement will continue to be governed by that program and the NASCAR rule book, though the elimination of the possibility of criminal charges certainly removes a significant impediment to his reinstatement."
The decision not to file criminal charges followed a lengthy investigation that began after Driscoll filed a complaint with police Nov. 5. The police completed its investigation in late December, but prosecutors had continued to look into the case.
Busch was a victim of a scorned former lover who loved living in the spotlight by being Busch's girlfriend.  When the spotlight was taken from her, she revolted and brought false charges against him and she created the scenario by going to his motorhome uninvited, let herself in, then refused to leave and then concocted a false story.
Then you had a brain dead court commissioner who wanted his 15 minutes of fame by believing her and giving his "report" just 2 days before the Daytona 500 when he could have waited for after the race or gave out his report much earlier.  Instead he waited for the time when the media hype was the greatest.
Finally, NASCAR decided to be PC and suspended Busch without waiting for the police report and see if charges would be filed.
Busch should be reinstated immediately and if not, I hope he sues Driscoll (he won't) or sue NASCAR (possible if he thinks he won't be driving again in NASCAR)
Busch is not a saint when it comes to his past behavior and that is why the bitch "victim" did what she did.  I'm not sure if there was blackmail involved but it would not surprise me.

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