Monday, March 23, 2015

Silly Season Starts:Ted Cruz Running For President:

Today, Sen. Ted Cruz announced he is running for president to replace the moron in chief.
He is a conservative and he certainly has some strong points.  He is good on immigration, education, ObamaCare and few other issues.
However, he is going to get slammed by his stance on the flat tax.  How is he going to explain away the flat tax when he says he is going to get rid the child tax credit, moving tax credit, the mortgage tax credit and all the other popular deductions.
He also has not faced a tough election fight, unlike Scott walker.  Cruz can win a Red State but how will he win in the moderate states and some Blue States?
So, Cruz entering the is a good thing and I would support him if he wins the nomination, though I would not support a Jeb Bush or other establishment GOP candidate.
So, now the silly season starts.

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