Sunday, March 8, 2015

Seriously ESPN?

For some reason, ESPN thinks those of us who live in the United States care two craps about cricket.
But apparently, the morons at ESPN think we care.
From ESPN: England won the toss and chose to bowl against Bangladesh in Adelaide as they surrendered to the need to change an ailing side and sought the win that was necessary to retain any chance of qualifying for the World Cup quarter-finals.
Alex Hales finally won an opportunity at No. 3 - quite a challenge to come in for his first game of the tournament in a must-win game - in place of Gary Ballance, who had laboured at the top of the order. Chris Jordan came in for Steven Finn as England lost faith that he might rediscover the hostility that had once made him one of the most promising young fast bowlers in the world.
"It's a little bit sticky so we hope it might swing," said Eoin Morgan, England's captain, doubtless encouraging his seamers to bowl the fuller length that has so far eluded them in the tournament.
Ok,, I wrote two blog posts on cricket in the past 7 or so years, and that was because someone died or got seriously injured in a game.
But to 99% of legal Americans, cricket is just a damn insect that makes noise at night.

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