Thursday, March 5, 2015

How Sad

How come it seems that drunks who get into fatal accidents are not the ones killed and the innocent are the one's killed?
From the LVRJ:
Two women were killed and a man was jailed Thursday following a car crash in the southeast valley.
About 1:33 a.m., police said, a 2014 Mercedes Benz E350 collided with a 2014 Nissan Versa at the intersection of Boulder Highway and Russell Road. The Mercedes was southbound on Boulder Highway at an “extremely high rate of speed” and the Versa was doing a U-turn.
The Mercedes struck the right side of the Versa, which rolled onto its roof, according to a Metro release.
The women were trapped after the crash and the fire department tried getting them out until it became “obviously apparent that they had not survived,” Metro Lt. Robert Smith said.
The Clark County coroner’s office will identify the women.
Police arrested Seong Mo Lee, 22, whom they said was driving the Mercedes. He was booked on one count of felony DUI resulting in death.
Just wondering how a 22 year old is able to drive a 2014 Mercedes Benz E350, which sells for over $51,000 new?  Daddy's car?  Stolen? 
Obtained with money obtained illegally?

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