Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tragedy In The Pro Wrestling Ring

From the NY Daily News: It was a fight to the accidental death.
A Mexican pro wrestler was mortally injured mid-match after a scripted stunt went horribly wrong — and the tag-team match continued with his limp body hanging from the ring ropes.
Pro grappler Perro Aguayo Jr., 35, went down hard and never got up Friday night during a four-man Tijuana match involving former WWE star Rey Mysterio, officials confirmed Saturday.
A video showed Aguayo lying unresponsively on the ropes after taking a kick from the masked Mysterio, with the other three wrestlers continuing the bout for several minutes around him.
At one point, Mysterio delivers a two-footed shot to the head of another wrestler as Aguayo lies lifelessly beneath them.
The whole match was captured on video, including attempts by ringside officials to rouse the unconscious Aguayo before he was carried from the ring.
The Baja California state prosecutor’s officer said it was launching a manslaughter investigation, although the cause of death remained unknown and it appeared to be a freak accident.
Here is a video of the incident.
While Aguavo ,ay have died because of the wrestling move, it is also quite possible that he was killed by the wrestling that was still going on and the treatment by so called professionals after he was discovered injured.  No C-collar was applied, so his neck and head was wriggling around on the fake stretcher and no oxygen was administered while he was in the ring.  So, it is quite possible that the medical professionals also contributed to his death.

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