Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chucky Schumer To become Minority Leader In Senate

The brain dead GOP leadership in the U.S. Senate keep getting gifts but always seem to find ways to blow it.
Today, hated Harry Reid is not going to seek re-election in 2016 and Chucky Schumer is going to replace him.
so the 2nd most hated senator, a whiny, sinus infected New Yorker is going to be minority leader, a true gift to Republicans.
So, how will the GOP accept Schumer?
Probably with open arms and be totally afraid of him, just like they are with Harry Reid.
The leadership in the House and senate are pretty much brain dead.
In the Senate, they are allowing Liar, Coward, Senile Reid dictate what goes on in the Senate. 
Instead of fighting for what little they believe in, they try to work with the democrats, who are just laughing themselves silly at the Republicans.
The GOP should get rid of the filibuster rule, like the Democrats did but the GOP is too timid and stupid.  Just like the purple dinosaur, Barney, they just want to get along with Obama and Democrats, including Chucky Schumer, who will never like a Republican unless they agree with him.
In fact, here is the latest Senate GOP-Democrat leadership meeting, with Obama in attendance:

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