Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Darwin Award Nominee

From the LVRJ: A California man who authorities believe had been drinking in a tree outside of his home was fatally impaled when he accidentally fell from its branches and landed on a spiked fence, police said on Wednesday.
The body of the man, who was not named, was found by officers early on Wednesday morning in the East Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, said Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Officer Liliana Preciado.
“It appears that the individual may have been drinking on top of a tree and he accidentally fell and impaled himself,” Preciado said. “This is being investigated as an accidental death.”
About a dozen beer cans were found at the scene, Los Angeles Police Captain Brian Pratt told KTLA TV.
“I think there was a party earlier at the house that evening,” he said.
There was no immediate word on how long the body had been on the fence. The man appeared to have been impaled through the face and neck, Los Angeles Police Sergeant Melvin Gamble told the Los Angeles Times.
“Over the years, you see stuff like this,” Gamble told the newspaper. “You still don’t get used to it.”
Being from Wisconsin, I know about drinking in a tree while deer hunting while up in a deer stand.
But there is not that many deer running around Los Angles, at least not the 4 legged kind.
So, why was the guy up a tree in the first place and why get so damn drunk you fall out of said tree?

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