Friday, July 16, 2010

Costco Fatal Police Shooting Update

From Channel 8, KLAS News: "LAS VEGAS -- Detectives investigating an officer involved shooting at a Summerlin Costco have still not viewed surveillance video of the incident.
Officers opened fire on Erik Scott on Saturday after Costco employees said he was destroying store merchandise and had a gun. Police say Scott pointed his gun at officers before they fired their weapons, but witness statements contradict information released by investigators. Scott was a West Point graduate with a valid concealed weapons permit.
Detectives hope to view surveillance video of the incident, but have sent it for forensic examination because of a technical issue with Costco's recording equipment. It's still unclear if the incident was even captured on video or if the equipment was working properly the day of the shooting."
Further from the article: "According to Scott's father, Erik was in the store shopping for water bottles. "He was in Costco looking for metal water bottles and tried them out to see if they would fit in the cooler he had. There was a Costco employee there with him at the time. From there forward we have a pretty good picture what happened," said William Scott."
It just gets stranger everyday. We have two completely different views of what happened from two different sources.
The naysayers of the police will say this was planned and this is a cover up. It also maybe a cover up by Costco, the naysayers will say, because it may indicate that Costco screwed up as well. And the 911 call still has not been released. I honestly don't know. It certainly is possible that the equipment didn't work. What a bad time to discover this.
Just a question: If this were a black male professional who got shot by the police, do you think there would any more outcry from the community? No, I think the black community would be pretty outraged, and rightly so.
Do you think the federal DOJ, under the direction of Eric Holder, would be silent if a black male professional had been shot and killed by the police? Doubt it.
So, why the hypocrisy?
Again, I don't the details, other than what has been reported. I know Metro has changed it's story at least once and there have been eyewitnesses out there who dispute the police. And considering this is Summerlin, where the cops have a lot of respect compared to areas in the valley, like around MLK and Washington where there is a lot more disrespect than respect, the witnesses at Costco have some creditability.

My goodness, you need a scorecard to keep track of the different police shootings in the Valley. I believe the coroner's inquest office now has at least 4 upcoming inquests coming up.


  1. Once again Las Vegas Metro Police react again with another fatal shooting ,when it could've been avoided. they are other ways to come to a conclusion here .like shoot him in the leg or tazer him if he did not cooperate and he did ,these officers here in Vegas are so stupid and raciest and ghetto and stupid and fat and too dam lazy so they simply shoot and kill.just plain senseless for that man to die these cops need to know how to come up with a better solution before you end this mans life and there are other alternatives.

  2. Anonymous,

    Spell check your postings before you submit you moron.

  3. We don't care how people spell here. Lord knows I am very bad here. Even with spell check.