Monday, July 5, 2010

Prodigal Son Returns: Jerry Doyle Is Back

He's back, Jerry Doyle, the 6 foot 3 ATM of Information returned to the microphone today after about a 3 week absence.
According to Jerry, he stopped taking his blood pressure medicine after breaking up with his girlfriend and then he got very sick. He went into the hospital and after about 24 hours there, he went into septic shock, a very dangerous condition. He was in a medical induced coma and hooked up to a respirator and eventually was put in 4 point restraints because of his hallucinations. He was very close to dying.
He made it out the hospital and spent time recuperating and is finally back behind the microphone.
No one really knew what was going on because of the lack of communication between family and the radio stations. The lack of communication was due in part that no one knew each other- Jerry's friends and family didn't know the radio people and the radio people didn't know Jerry's friends and family.
Jerry then went on to say that his first hand knowledge had a greater appreciation of health care and how Obama Care sucks. At that point you knew he was really back.
His voice seems different and seems more alive and grateful to be back in the chair.
And on a side note, it is nice that Jerry read this blog as he quoted from it during his explanation.
So, welcome back, Jerry and stay healthy. Just wondering if he is still smoking for the kids?

Update: Jerry was only able to make it through 2 hours of the show. I am sure it will take time for him to get up to speed.


  1. So... the people who guessed "he's dead" actually came the closest to the truth! At least he wasn't out getting hair plugs.

    All kidding aside, I'm very glad he's back and on the mend. I missed him.

  2. man, given what he's been through his energy level on the air, and the fact that he's back on so soon after almost dying, is really remarkable. not your everyday run-of-the-mill human.

  3. Doyle's the man. Never realized how money the dude was till he was gone. Great to have you back bud...thanks for what you do. You are truly a great American.

    Pat Curley
    Lynnfield, MA

  4. I'm glad to hear Jerry is doing much better. While Shultz is amusing, I do like listening to Jerry when I can. He's one of the saner, easier pundits to listen to on the radio. Jerry "introduced" me to Joel Gilbert, and it's nice to hear a national radio show interviewing people and ideas that don't always get talked about by the larger radio talkers.

    I can only hope that Mr. Doyle took some lessons from all of this and this whole episode will be a mile marker event in his life with a positive outcome which he'll always be able to look back on with appreciation.

    St Louis, MO