Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another Las Vegas Spoiled Brat

Las Vegans: Kurt and Kyle Busch- jerks
Bryce Harper: The new Las Vegas Brat.
From ESPN: Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said that club was "disappointed" that outfielder Bryce Harper did not show up Saturday at the NatsFest fan festival.
In a statement emailed by one of his agent's employees, Harper said: "I have attended NatsFest each year and always enjoy my experience with the fans, but was unable to attend this year's event due to matters out of my control. I look forward to next year's NatsFest."
The Major League Baseball Players Association has filed a grievance on Harper's behalf over whether he should be able to void the 2015 terms in the final season of a $9.9 million, five-year contract he signed when drafted. An arbitrator hearing could happen Tuesday if the case isn't settled.
Harper is represented by Scott Boras.
"We're disappointed he's not here, but he chose not to be here because of the grievance," Rizzo said.
Yo, moron, going to the event was something you could control, you just chose not to control it.
Harper still hasn't learned to grow up.  This event was for the fans and it was a fairly cheap event to go to, so you had fans who may not have afforded to go to many Nationals games and Harper blows them off.
Grow up Bryce, you overpaid millionaire baseball player.

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