Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No, Just An Incompetent Jackass Dictator

From Fox News: 
President Obama, on the heels of announcing his executive actions on immigration, teased Republicans about the immigration debate -- saying some of them think he's an "illegal immigrant." 
The president made the wisecrack at a town hall meeting in Nashville on Tuesday. Discussing the immigration debate, he urged Republicans to work with him. 
“Now, does that mean everybody is going to listen to me on the other side? Not necessarily. They’re pretty sure I’m an illegal immigrant,” he said. The crowd laughed, but just to be sure, Obama added: "That was a joke."
There is a lot of things I think Obama is- narcissist, hateful, spiteful, incompetent, a dictator, anti-American, anti-constitutional, racist, two faced, liar, coward, a pretender, a Bill Cosby imitator but a pretty good father and a few more choice 4 letter words.
But not an illegal immigrant.

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