Monday, December 15, 2014

Be Aware Of Scam

Today, I got a letter from a RM Williams of Irving, Texas.
The letter promises 2 free airline tickets, a hotel voucher from Marriott Hyatt or Hilton and a auto rental voucher, all courtesy of Mr. Williams and
Of course, this a scam:  In a down economy with rising gas prices, many can’t afford to take vacations that involve air travel. For that reason, many people were pleasantly surprised when they received a letter from their national airline company offering two free flights worth almost $1300. Brand names used by the scammers are US Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, or Qantas.
The letter states that the company tried to contact the reader many times without success. They then advise the reader to call a toll-free number to claim their flight vouchers. When the reader calls the number a high-pressured salesperson advises the reader of the necessity of attending a presentation about the company in order to claim the flight vouchers.
So, if you get an unsolicited letter from a one RM Williams of Irving TX., and promises a bunch of free things, it's a scam.

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  1. My husband just received such a letter in the mail. He is out of the country, so I opened it. It, of course, stated it was their last attempt to reach him; and, you guessed it, he had not received any prior notices. I felt right away it was a scam but I wasn't sure what the catch was going to be (I never called the number to find out); instead, I hopped on the internet to research it. Thank you, Dan, for filling in that bit of information for me, and others.