Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Reason Why Not Give Money To Panhandlers

A San Diego woman is outraged after witnessing a pregnant woman and young boy begging for money in a shopping center, then getting to into a late model Mercedes Benz and driving off.
Melissa Smith made sure to capture evidence of the alleged con artist in action, hoping that photos will help others recognize the woman and steer clear.
 "Smith said she saw the pregnant panhandler and the boy, who might have been the woman's son, at Eastlake Village Center every weekend for two months. She said the woman's husband or boyfriend would join them on the weekends," details KGTV.
 According to Smith, the woman often holds a cardboard sign that reads "please help" on the front. Smith claims that "lots of people" give the family money. But she never thought much about the panhandlers until she spotted something strange while pumping gas.
 "I noticed they grabbed their little boy and they got into a Mercedes Benz," Smith said, according to KGTV. "I thought, 'Wow, a Mercedes Benz. It's not even used -- it's not old. It's a new Benz.'"
 Once Smith was on the road, she noticed the pricey vehicle in front of her, and discovered something even more disturbing -- the family's laughter.
 "Here they are counting money, laughing and their little boy is not in a car seat or seat belt. He's all the way in the front seat with them."
 That's when she took more photos -- including shots of the license plate -- and followed the family to another shopping plaza where the alleged scam continued. The pregnant woman eventually noticed her and, according to Smith, started yelling at her to stop.
 "Next thing I know, she picked up this big boulder," Smith said, "I don't know if pregnant people can do that. She puts it over her head and starts coming at me with this rock."
 Smith gave the evidence, including the license plate number, to police -- the tag came back registered to a woman living in an apartment which reportedly costs $2,400 monthly. KGTV attempted to locate the family, only to discover they may have recently moved.  http://www.jrn.com/tmj4/now-trending/Woman-witnesses-pregnant-beggar-drive-away-in-Mercedes-Benz-282367381.html
Here in Kingman, there is a couple, man and woman, who try to scam people.  They go to places that are close to the Interstate 40 and look like they are hitchhiking across the country but in reality they just taking people's money and live here in Kingman.  I've seen them at least 5 times in the last month at various locations, mostly on Hwy 66 and I-40 and Beal St and I-40.
There was also a story about panhandling in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Sun and the paper said panhandlers make around $25 an hour, sometimes a lot more. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2014/aug/19/what-its-beg-las-vegas/
So, no, I am not going to give money to scammers who panhandle because in reality, they make more money than I do and that sucks.

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