Saturday, December 13, 2014

When Will The Liberals March For This Boy?

Today, in Washington D.C., the fools and tools of racism were protesting the police killing of thugs who caused their own deaths.
I wonder how many of these of these fools and tools will protest the murder of this innocent young man in Obamaville (Chicago)
Demario Bailey
From the Chicago Sun Times:
“Some guys came upon him and tried to rob him of his jacket,” said Demario’s aunt, Michelle Fitzpatrick. “Our nephew wouldn’t give up his coat, and they shot him in the chest.” 
The shooting happened at 12:40 p.m. in the 0-100 block of West 63rd Street. Seven minutes later, Demario was pronounced dead under a viaduct there.
Later, when his body was taken away, his mother wailed and shouted, “I want my baby back!”
The police said they were questioning at least two people in connection with the shooting.
Demario was a sophomore at Johnson College Prep charter school, 6350 S. Stewart.
That’s where he and his brother were headed Saturday, walking the remaining half mile or so from the CTA bus they’d taken to get there.
Though Demario wasn’t on the school basketball team like this brother, he “was basically a part of the team, was always there supporting us,”  said Ceddrick Hunter, the school’s basketballcoach. “He was the unathletic one. They were twins, always together. He was a good kid, all-around good kid, always respectful.
“There was not an ounce of gang stuff with either one of them,” Hunter said. “He just wanted to be there for his brother, wanted to walk with him to practice to keep him safe.”
Word of the shooting quickly reached the school. Another boy ran the whole way there with the heartbreaking news.
Demario got good grades and didn’t get into trouble, according to Robin Callahan, an assistant junior varsity basketball coach, who said he and his twin are known around school as the “Bailey boys,” hard to tell apart because they’re identical.
Their mother, very protective of her sons, usually drove them most places, according to their aunt. But the boys were getting older and wanted more independence, Fitzpatrick said. On Saturday, she finally let them take the bus to practice.
“She let them go and now …,” Fitzpatrick said, her words trailing off, tears rolling down her cheeks
So, when will the racist brothers of Barack, Eric, Jesse and Al march and give support to Demario's family?
Will Al or Jesse give the sermon at Demario's funeral?
When will Barack and Jesse send the FBI and other federal cops into the South side of Chicago and crack down on all the thugs that reside there?
I cannot imagine the pain that this good family is going through and some thugs took this poor kid's life and that is horrible.
And yet, White and Black liberals could not care less.

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