Friday, December 12, 2014

How Sad

It's always difficult to bury a child, but if you are a firefighter/police officer and you are called to a car wreck that involves your daughter or son, that has to be heart breaking.
From On November 14, 1996, the day Paul Chuilli Jr. was born, his proud father began his career as a firefighter in Bridgewater.
Exactly 18 years and 26 days later on Wednesday morning, Paul Chuilli Sr. was part of a three-man crew on Engine 1 that rushed to a single-car crash on a winding West Bridgewater road.
There, trapped inside the crumpled remains of a Chevrolet twisted up against a tree at the edge of a manicured lawn, Bridgewater firefighter Paul Chuilli came upon the body of his youngest son.
"It's every firefighter's worst nightmare," said Joe Cairns. "You answer the bell and when you get there, you find it's your own flesh and blood. Believe me, there's nothing worse."
Joe Cairns was not speaking merely as a captain of the Bridgewater Fire Department, but as the uncle of the boy who starred on the football and basketball teams at West Bridgewater High School, a thoughtful kid who also took the time to make just about everyone his friend.
"They needed the Jaws of Life to get Paul out of that car," Joe Cairns said, suppressing his own tears, "and his Dad was there, doing what good ... no, great firefighters do. Paul did his job in the most horrible of circumstances. I can't imagine anything more difficult than answering a call like that, and finding it's your son."
RIP to the son and prayers to the family and friends.

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