Thursday, December 25, 2014

Some Lives Don't Matter

I am not crying for the thug who was killed.
From the NY Daily News: An Ohio shopper shot and killed a 16-year-old outside of a mall when the teen tried to steal his newly bought, limited-edition Nike Air Jordans.
Jawaad Jabbar died Tuesday from a gunshot wound to his torso, police said.
Miami Township police said two groups — three teens and two men — struggled on a sidewalk outside the Dayton Mall before the shooting. All five people went to the mall on a mission to buy the $200 Nikes, which quickly sold out.
The three teens left empty-handed, but at least one of the men got a pair.
In front of the mall, the youths spotted the men with the shoes and confronted them, police said. Jabbar pulled out a gun and demanded the men give them the sneakers.
That’s when one of the men pulled out his own concealed weapon and shot the Middletown High School student.
No one else was injured in the shooting. The man had a permit for the gun, police said.
Good riddance to the thug who thought he was so important that he had to steal some else's shoes and that he pulled a gun on the victims to get the shoes he wanted.
And good thing one of the victims also pulled out his gun and eliminated the thug from the world's DNA pool.
Once again, the good person with the gun won and the thug with the gun is no longer with us.

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