Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So, How Did My 2014 Predictions Turn Out?

Here are the results of my pictures for 2014, made on January 2014 and after a couple of beers:
1.  Seattle will win the Super Bowl  Yep, beat the Denver Broncos
2.  Oklahoma City thunder will win the NBA Championship No 
3.  The L.A Dodgers will win the World Series. No. San Fran won
4.  The Las Vegas wranglers will stay in Las Vegas Not sure- they are in limbo but still in Vegas
5.  The Las Vegas 51's will stay in Las Vegas Yes, they are still here
6.  No government financed arena or stadium will be approved.  Yes, close but still far away
7.  Tiger Woods will win 4 or fewer tournaments.  True- injuries did him in.
8.  Tiger Woods will not win a major in 2014  True, the drought continues
9.  Jimmie Johnson will not repeat as NASCAR Sprint Car championship.  True- Kevin Harvick won.
10.  Matt Kenseth will be in the top 3 in NASCAR. Close but no
11.  Tony Stewart will not make the Sprint Cup Chase.  True
12.  Danica Patrick will not win a race, will place in the top ten 3 or fewer times. Exactly- 3 top ten finishes and no wins
13.  Danica Patrick will not be in the top 20 in Sprint Car Cup points. Yes- finished 28
14.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not win a race in 2014. Really wrong- he won 3 races
15.  Justin Bieber will be arrested at 1 more time in 2014 Yes, at least 2 times
16.  A current or former star player of Saturday Night Live will die in 2014. Yes- Jan Hooks in October
17.  A former president will pass on in 2014. Nope
16.  A liberal member of the U.S. Supreme Court will resign or leave the Supreme Court. Nope
17.  Scott Walker will easily win re-election in Wisconsin, by at least 3%. Yes!!
18.  200 or fewer traffic deaths will occur in Nevada. Sadly, no- at about 264 right now.
19.  Metro Police will get a tax increase in the sales tax in 2014. Nope
20.  At least 1 member of Nevada's House of Representatives will be defeated in the 2014 elections. Yes, Stephen Horsford bit the dust
21.  The GOP will keep the House of Representatives in the 2014 elections.
22.  The GOP will take over the U.S. Senate. Yes
23.  John Boehner will still be Speaker of the House at the end of 2014. Sadly, yes
24.  The Supreme Court will rule against ObamaCare at least 1 time in 2014. No, but it will be close next year.
25.  ObamaCare will still be in operation and funded at the end of the year. Sadly, the GOP just fully funded it this week.
26.  ObamaCare will make an attempt to bail out insurance companies and that effort will succeed. yes and no they tried but have not yet succeeded
27.  Articles of Impeachment will be introduced in the House in 2014. Darn it, no
28.  The over/under for the highest temperature in Las Vegas will be 114 and I will be within 2 degrees of that.  112 this year on several occasions- True
29.  Las Vegas will have above average rainfall for 2014. I think it is correct
30.  Eric Snowden will remain in Russia for all of 2014, unless he takes a vacation. True
31.  Eric Holder will announce his retirement sometime in 2014.  true
32.  The stock market (Dow) will be at 16,000 or less at the end of 2014. Nope, around 17,500 today
33.  The UNLV football team will win at least 6 games in 2014.  Hahahah. Nope, just 2
34.  The Marquette Warriors, Wisconsin Badgers and UNLV will make the NCAA tournament and 2 of the three schools will the round of 16. Marquette and UNLV did not qualify for the NCAA tourney but Wisconsin made the final 4. Wrong, though
35.  There will be no fatal terrorist attacks against athletes or spectators at the 2014 Winter Olympics, inside the Olympic Compound in Sochi Russia. Thankfully true
36.  The Unemployment rate will be below 7% in the United States, but it will mostly because more people are leaving the work force. Very true
37.  The unemployment rate in Las Vegas/Clark County will be 7.5% and I will be within 1.5% points of either side of 7.5%. In October, it was 6.8%- true
38.  2 Blogs I read regularly will cease to be written. Jill 6 pack and Badger Blogger are no longer around- true
39.  The Las Vegas Badger will have at least 2,000,000 page views by the end of 2014. Yes!!
40.  President Obama's poll numbers for 2014 will drop to 35% or below for positive poll numbers and 58% for negative numbers.  Close but not quite
41.  President Obama will not visit Las Vegas in 2014, despite having a girl friend here.  It was going really well until he spent the weekend boinking his mistress  few weeks ago. False
42.  President Obama and Michelle Obama will have at least 1 major vacation apart from each other.  Many- true
43.  Hillary Clinton will announce her candidacy for president in 2014. Not yet
44.  At least 2 major GOP candidates will announce their candidacy for president. not yet
45.  Alex Rodriquez will not play baseball in 2014- his court case will fail.  True
46.  My team, the Milwaukee Brewers, will win 78 games give or take 5 games in 2014.  They won... 78
47. My team, the Green Bay Packers will win 11 games, give or take 2 games.  For the season, that will be true
48.  Fox News will still be the number 1 rated cable TV news station.  Of course they are- true
49.  Chris Christies and former Gov. of Virginia Bob McDonnell will not be convicted of any crimes in 2014. 1 out of 2 Christie no, McDonnell yes
50.  Pawn Stars will lose 1 major character in 2014. close to the Old Man as he rarely is seen in shows now, but no.
51.  Duck Dynasty will announce they will stop filming in 2014. Nope- still going strong
52.  My team, the Milwaukee Bucks will less than 40 games and not make the playoffs in 2014. Sadly, true
53.  There will be no immigration reform that will pass in Congress.  True
54.  The USAF Thunderbirds will perform for an entire season. true
55.  Phil Mickleson will not win a major this year.  True
56.  The Las Vegas Sun will still continue to operate, despite what Brian Greenspun says.  Sadly, yes
57.  Matt ward will not be editor of the Pahrump Valley Times by the end of 2014.  Ding Dong the wicked editor is gone
58.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will declare the gay marriage ban in the Nevada constitution unconstitutional but will delay the ruling pending appeal. Technically yes- I think the Supreme Court allowed it
59.  Brian Sandoval will win re-election easily, by at least 5% points. More like 50%
60.  Steve Sisolak will not run for governor of Nevada. true- he thought about it
61.  There will be cold (within 3 degrees of freezing) and snow at the Super Bowl It was kind of nice for New Jersey
62.  Wal-Mart will stop offering health insurance to part time employees, starting with new hires.  Sadly, yes
63.  At least 2 oil wells, including those used for fracking will be begun in Nevada. Surprisingly, yes:
64.  Wendy Davis will not win the Texas race for governor.  Hahaha true and she lost big time
65.  Nevada Democrats will continue to hold the Assembly and Senate in Nevada. Gladly, I was wrong on both, as the GOP took both houses.

So, my record for the year is 43-12 and 1 tie (the Wranglers)  That's a 64% correct rate, which, if I may say, is pretty darn considering that many of these predictions were made at least 6 months in advance and things were not known or had uncertain futures and some correct calls were totally out of the blue, like Holder's resignation and Stephen Horsford losing.
That's certainly better than these so called experts who populate the TV and radio.

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