Tuesday, December 30, 2014

But He Was Suuch A Good Man

From Philly.com:
She added: "The bottom line is, Angel Suarez is a stand-up guy. He's an honorable man. He's got all the class in the word. I don't know what happened."
So, what did Mr. Suarez do?
Police said a neighbor first saw Suarez masturbating on her deck before he broke through her sliding glass door. She fled to another apartment, and Suarez then jumped out of her second-floor window, police said. 
Suarez then allegedly broke into another apartment and assaulted two people inside before one of them shot him twice. The struggle with Suarez continued until officers arrived and subdued him, police said. Suarez faces charges of burglary and assault.
Yeah, but was such a nice guy.
Drugs, perhaps?

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