Friday, December 5, 2014

Saint Eric Garner? Umm No

Why do protesting thugs like to protest the deaths of street thugs?
Treyvon Martin was a thug who tried to beat up another idiot, but the idiot had a gun and Martin is no longer with us.
Michael Brown, the thug in Ferguson, Missouri was a thug who, while high, robbed a store, assaulted the store employee, then, when confronted by the police, refused to obey the officer's demands, and then got shot when he physically attacked the cop, not once but twice.
And now, the latest thug who is being elevated to sainthood is a thug named Eric Garner of New York City.
From the NY Times: The encounter between Mr. Garner and plainclothes officers, from the 120th Precinct, began after the officers accused Mr. Garner of illegally selling cigarettes, an accusation he was familiar with. He had been arrested more than 30 times, often accused of selling loose cigarettes bought outside the state, a common hustle designed to avoid state and city tobacco taxes. In March and again in May, he was arrested on charges of illegally selling cigarettes on the sidewalk.
So, after being arrested 30 times, you would think that Garner knew the routine about being arrested and he knew to follow the police officer's instructions.  Instead, he acts like a thug and doesn't follow the cops commands when they told him he was under arrest.
So, the person who is to blame for Eric Garner's death is only Eric Garner and no one else.
But the protesting thugs, which include the racist brothers of Eric, Barack, Jesse and Al seem to be glorifying thugs and that is really pathetic.
Couldn't they find someone who is 100% innocent to protest for?

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