Saturday, December 20, 2014


From the LVRJ: This definitely wasn’t in the flight plan.
About 50 dignitaries gathered in the desert for a demonstration flight of Sensurion Aerospace’s flagship Magpie unmanned aerial vehicle collectively gasped as it crashed seconds after a company executive launched the 5-foot aircraft.
The Magpie, which had flown successfully about two hours earlier, was hand-launched, but sputtered and plunged to the desert floor Friday in a graded clearing near the Copper Mountain Sempra Solar plant about 20 miles southwest of Boulder City.
Company officials said the vehicle was undamaged, but they opted not to fly it again until they could review control systems and figure out the problem. One executive said it probably was an electrical controller malfunction.
So much for Nevada’s first UAV commercial test flight demonstration.
But Gov. Brian Sandoval, who joined a group of state and federal dignitaries in a ceremony prior to the planned demonstration flight, wasn’t fazed.
If you are going to invite the governor and other important people including the press, who are not too bright, you better get things right.
And these goofs didn't get it right.
And for those who don't have a good excuse, and if you were on a reality cooking or job show, you would hear the words "You're fired".
But since this is government work, they probably got a promotion and a raise.

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