Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Story Of 2 Government Agencies And How They Treat Women

From Fox News:
None of the remaining eight female candidates going through the Army Ranger School made it out of the first phase of training at Fort Benning, Ga., defense officials told Fox News -- though they scored high enough to try again as early as next week. 
The candidates were the first women to train for the elite force as part of a program that began in February.
While they did not do well enough to move on to the next phase of training, an Army Ranger statement said the eight women -- along with 101 men in the same situation -- will be "recycled," meaning they can re-do the training phase in an upcoming Ranger School session. 
A total of 60 women were originally slated to participate in Ranger Assessment Phase (RAP), according to the Pentagon in January. The Army Times reported in February that 100 women went into the pre-training phase, and in April, 19 women qualified for the first training phase, known as Darby. Within days, that number was down to eight
The next Darby Phase starts May 14, which is when the female candidates can try again. There are two more subsequent phases, for a total of 61 days in Ranger School.
And from
The FDNY for the first time in its history will allow someone who failed its crucial physical fitness test to join the Bravest, The Post has learned.
Rebecca Wax, 33, is set to graduate Tuesday from the Fire Academy without passing the Functional Skills Training test, a grueling obstacle course of job-related tasks performed in full gear with a limited air supply, an insider has revealed.
“They’re going to allow the first person to graduate without passing because this administration has lowered the standard,” said the insider, who is familiar with the training.
Upon graduation, Wax would be assigned to a firehouse and tasked with the full duties of a firefighter.
Some FDNY members are angry.
“We’re being asked to go into a fire with someone who isn’t 100 percent qualified,” the source said. “Our job is a team effort. If there’s a weak link in the chain, either civilians or our members can die.”
Wax’s graduation comes as the city celebrates the FDNY’s 150th anniversary and as the department is under pressure by the de Blasio administration to hire more women.
So, the good news is that the Army Rangers will hold women to the same standard as men and if a woman cannot meet the standards, they will not become Army Rangers.
On the other hand, the Fire Department of New York City, with a very liberal mayor, is gutting their standards to be politically correct.  The FDNY is the biggest and the best fire department in the United States and they are dumbing down their fire department.
Congratulations to the Army Ranger and boos to the FDNY and the liberal of New York City who are trying to destroy a very fine institution, the FDNY.

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