Monday, May 25, 2015

Mohave County: Conservative Big Government?

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(Mohave County Courthouse)
Mohave county, AZ. is Arizona's most conservative county, which makes it one of the most conservative county in the country.
But Mohave County is also home to big government services.
For example, We have a Public Defender, Legal Defender and Indigent Defense Services, all of which deal with poor criminal clients.  Now, that's not say I want the poor to receive no legal services if they are accused of a crime (well, actually I don't, but constitutionally, not much I can do).
With few exceptions, all the Fire Departments in Mohave County have full time or at least some full time firefighters, when in most cases, volunteer fire departments would be sufficient.  Volunteers could mostly staff Golden Valley, Pinion Pines, Northern Arizona, Dolan Spring and surrounding areas(Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District ),  Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department, Golden Shores and the Yucca Fire department, which has less than a thousand people living in and around their district has less than 200 calls a year.  There is no need for a full time fire dept. there.
The City of Kingman just passed a law outlawing smoking in a car when kids are present.  So much for personal responsibility and puts the government inside our cars.  This law is the first in Arizona and is a law liberals love.
Conservatives love law enforcement but pay their police officers horribly along with firefighters, teachers and many other public service employees.  Some agencies pay their employees so little that these employees have had to go on food stamps and/or other government welfare.  These employees should not huge amounts of money but they shouldn't have to receive government welfare either.
The Golden Valley Fire dept. is trying to kick out the private ambulance service, RiverView, which is run out of the local Kingman hospital because the fire department wants to steal the revenue from the ambulance company.  The fire dept. also laughably says that they won't have to hire additional firefighters to staff the ambulances and that their budget will barely increase.  Smaller government?  Not in Golden Valley.
The County, which has an old but solid courthouse is going to be building a brand new courthouse for about $20,000,000 instead of refurbishing the old courthouse for about half the cost.
So, these are just some of the things that makes you wonder just how conservative Mohave County is, when it is one of the most conservative counties in the country.

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