Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spoiled Firefighters

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From WFTV, Florida:
A Seminole County commissioner who sparked controversy about a grocery run firefighters made is ignoring the backlash that blew up after Channel 9's story aired.
Since WFTV's story aired last week, more than 2,000 people have signed a petition asking Commissioner Brenda Carey to apologize.
The controversy started after Carey texted the Station 36 firefighters' superiors about them going to a Winn-Dixie less than a mile from their fire station while they were on the clock.
Tuesday was the first commission meeting since the story broke last week, but Carey again ignored speaking out about the controversy and instead praised the work of all emergency responders, according to Channel 9's Tim Barber.
Carey told Barber over the phone last week that she was just looking out for taxpayer dollars and the text was not meant as a complaint, although it eventually turned into one.
This story appeared on Fire Rescue 1, a fire service web site and the spoiled full time firefighters acted like a bunch of spoiled babies, based on some of these comments:
If you don't want them going to the store then you provide their meals for them.

Steven Mayfield · Los Angeles, California
How about going to the store before their shift starts?

  • Chris-Trista Long
    Steven Mayfield think about this they work 24 hour shifts. If they shope before shift or after shift that takes away family time for them. They were in their response area so I don't see a problem with them getting groceries

  • Bill Mason · Top Commenter · NWSCC
    Steven Mayfield apparently family time and sleep aren't that important to ya. Firefighters work only (on average) 10 days a month, but that's equal to a month of 60 hour weeks because they run 24 hour shifts. Each house fire is equivalent to running a marathon in energy exertion, and with the current load of medical calls that most departments run, sleeping at the station is almost a thing of the past. Let them go get some grub and don't be an ass.


    1. Every time I see firefighters shopping in the grocery store, I critique their purchases. Soda - bad. Chips or cookies - bad. Chicken good. Lettuce - good. I point out to them that as a taxpayer, I expect them to eat healthy so they can perform their job putting out fires. :)

    2. Yep, I agree because every year, there are many firefighters who die a young death due to heart attacks.