Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lazy Reporting

The following question was submitted the Kingman Daily Miner and the answer is nothing but junk:
Q: *Gas prices have gone up about 50 cents a gallon at some at gas stations along Andy Devine in the past month and especially the last 2 weeks. Is it because of price gouging or any other reason?
A: The AP, citing Triple-A, noted April 30 that gas prices are up across the state because crude oil prices have been increasing.
Ok, oil just hit $60 a barrel today.
So, instead of news story on the local scene, the Ask the Editors rely  on a national AP story 
So, oil has gone up from $44 to $60 since March.
Does represent a rise of 60 cents a gallon at 3 gas stations and less rises in prices at others?
But the rise in gas prices doesn't address why there are lower prices, by about 15 cents at some places, at other gas stations on Stockman Hill Road?
Gas at the Maverick went from $2.19 in March and now the price stands at $2.85 and the same with the Flying J truck stop.  Other stations had gas on Andy Devine (Hwy 66) had gas from about $230 to $2:0 and now they are around $2.99 a gallon.
But on Stockton Hill Rd., gas prices run around $2.69 to about $2.79 at most places.
Up until about 3 weeks ago, Maverick and the Flying J were the cheapest gas prices int he Kingman area and now they are the highest.
So, why didn't the Daily miner actually get out of their office and actually do a story?
A. They are either lazy.
B. They don't want to piss off some potential advertisers.
C.  All of the above.
I pick c- they are being lazy and they are probably afraid of pissing off some potential advertisers. 
So, the gas stations on Hwy 66 decided to raise prices just as the tourist season heated up and now they are screwing the locals, who patronize these stations the most.
So, even though it is less convenient, I guess I will patronize Smith's grocery store/gas station, where the gas is cheaper and it gives me better gas mileage. 

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