Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Suggestion For The Road Kill Cafe

In Seligman, there is  small restaurant named the Road Kill Café:  http://www.route66seligmanarizona.com/The_Roadkill_Cafe.php
Well, there may be another item offered on their menu: Stupid Liberal Surprise.
From the LVRJ: Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman says she may risk life and limb to stop the transport of uranium waste through her city.Reacting to Monday’s news that the Department of Energy will start shipping waste from Tennessee for disposal in Nevada, Goodman said she would “lie down on (U.S. 95)” to stop the waste shipments, echoing husband and former Mayor Oscar Goodman’s threats to do the same several years ago.“I find it absolutely incredulous,” the two-term mayor said of Monday’s transport announcement. “This is just not tolerable.”The uranium waste is expected to pass through Las Vegas on its way to a landfill at the Nevada National Security Site, 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.Federal officials are not expected to make the shipping schedule public, apparently neutering even tongue-in-cheek threats to try and head off the transports.The Review-Journal on Monday reported an empty 20-foot cask that could be used to deliver the atom-splitting material was already en route from Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and expected to arrive at the Nevada site on Wednesday.That dry run will give security site contractors practice in lifting the cask by crane, removing its lid and putting the waste material in the landfill, where federal officials hope to eventually dispose of more than 400 such canisters carrying potent uranium-233 mixed with uranium-235. - See more at:  http://www.reviewjournal.com/politics/government/vegas-mayor-will-lie-down-highway-block-nuke-shipments#sthash.ZjbzYbgO.dpuf
Goodman is seeking some cheap publicity, but if she does go through it, the Road Kill Café may want to have a word with her about being on the menu.

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