This is how you stop police brutality.
You don’t first pay off the victim or, in the case of a fatality, the family of the victim. You don’t let complaints pile up on an investigator’s desk until public interest wanes....
But Rawlings-Blake has shown she is capable of handling unruly protesters. When rioters and looters took over some of the city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods last week, Rawlings-Blake swiftly instituted a curfew and asked Maryland’s governor to call up the National Guard.
I don’t know whether it’s a woman’s heart or something else, but while other officials in this situation seem to dawdle, Rawlings-Blake and Mosby moved with deliberate speed.
First, this moron liberal (yeah, I know, one in the same) didn't immediately call out the National Guard, she allowed portions of Baltimore to burn down when she told the cops to stand down and waited for a day to "ask" for the National Guard, even the governor was waiting for hours for the request. So this moron "writer" doesn't even have her facts right.
As as the charges, my guess is that the cops will be found not guilty as the prosecutor is totally incompetent and was making a political statement instead of charging people based on the facts.
So, another stupid liberal is heard from and not surprising, she makes a fool of herself.