Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nevada RINO's

The Californization of Nevada continues as RINO Republicans just passed a huge tax increase, which will guarantee to slow down Nevada's economy even more.
From the LVRJ: The Nevada Assembly late Sunday approved Gov. Brian Sandoval’s $1.1 billion package of new and extended taxes, embracing the popular Republican governor’s ambitious education agenda and determination to position Nevada’s workforce for a high-tech economy.
On a 30-10 vote, the Assembly amended Senate Bill 483, the so-called “sunset bill” that also adds a $1-per-pack increase in cigarette taxes, with provisions of Assembly Bill 464, Sandoval’s latest tax compromise that includes a business gross receipts “commerce tax” imposed on revenue of $4 million or more.
Sandoval, who lobbied hard for his tax plan, praised the Assembly’s action....
Debate in the Assembly was passionate on both sides of the issue. A vocal group of anti-tax Republicans urged their colleagues to delay the vote or defeat it, arguing that supporting the tax hike would go against the will of voters.
Opponents called the tax plan a margins tax in disguise and reminded the body that voters overwhelming rejected a gross receipts tax in November.
“The voters voted no back in November to the margins tax,” said Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, R-Las Vegas. “The people of Nevada do not want this and I implore my colleagues to vote no.”
The voters, just a few years ago rejected both a Clark County School District and a State wide referendums overwhelming when they were asked to raise taxes, so of course, the RINO Sandoval and RINO legislators apparently thought that this would be a good idea then to raise the taxes themselves.  morons.
Gov. Sandoval, who has been a huge, huge disappointment, shows that he is not qualified to be even thinking of running for a different office in 2016, like senator or heaven forbid, a vice presidential candidate.
As far as the RINO GOP legislators, many of them will face a primary challenge from the conservative wing.
But these RINO's just ought to admit they are just moderate Democrats instead of Republicans.

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