Sunday, May 3, 2015

Boxing Gamblers, Others Ripped Off

Well,, if I was stupid enough to bet on Manny Pacquiao or bought a $100 pay per view live fight TV program, I would be pissed.
From the LVRJ:
Manny Pacquiao was expected to be the busier fighter when he met Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden.
But Pacquiao was outboxed and outworked by Mayweather in losing a 12-round unanimous decision in their world welterweight unification title fight that kept Mayweather’s perfect record intact. According to the fighter, his trainer and his promoter, there was a logical explanation as to why he didn’t throw as many punches as expected — Pacquiao fought Mayweather with one arm.
Pacquiao said he injured his right shoulder in early April. To treat the pain, he had been using an anti-inflammatory. The drugs Lidocaine, Bupivacaine and Celestone were approved for use by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, which oversaw the drug testing for both fighters leading up to the megafight.
But when Pacquiao wanted to get a shot before he entered the ring Saturday, he was not allowed to be administered the medicine because the Nevada Athletic Commission refused to approve it.
Why? Pacquiao indicated on his prefight medical questionnaire that he wasn’t hurt.
“Every fighter is given a (prefight) medical form to fill out,” Nevada Athletic Commission chairman Francisco Aguilar said. “He disclosed the medications, but he didn’t disclose any injury. That’s why we denied his request.”
According to Top Rank chairman Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, the NAC knew about the fighter’s condition.
“The commission was well aware he had a shoulder injury, no matter what the paperwork says,” Arum said.
Aguilar begs to differ.
“I found out about the issue just after 6 (p.m.),” he said. “They never filed any legal paperwork with the commission prior to the fight that he was hurt. We had Dr. (Timothy) Trainor and Dr. (James) Game check him out, and it was an easy decision on our part.”
So, Manny was about60% of strength, according to him and his handlers.
Wouldn't that be something to know about, especially all those who put money on Manny?
Of course, most of the money from the non-professionals was on Manny and that would have changed things if people knew he was hurt, then all the money would have gone on Maryweather.
And many people would not have bought the pay per view, costing the boxers and their handlers money.
So, once again, the people in charge of the fight, the Nevada Athletic Commission, who is supposed to guard against these things failed and the poor suckers who bet on Manny and bought the pay per view are the real losers.

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