Saturday, May 30, 2015

Want To Bet Chumlee Will Be Broke When Pawn stars Ends?

From the LVRJ: Chumlee and I were catching up at an outdoor cafe on Friday when he told me he lost his $3,000 diamond-teeth upper grill. Have you seen it? It’s gotta be around here somewhere.
A diamond-teeth grill is a denture-esque slip on, similar to partials. The “Pawn Stars” star still has his lower grill, encrusted in real diamonds. He popped it out of his mouth to show me the bling.
Some time ago, his uninsured upper grill went missing.
“I lost a diamond earring in a cab before, too. You live and you learn,” he said.
I asked him why he doesn’t wear cubic zirconia grills, because I’m a cheapskate journalist.
“Nah. Can’t fake the funk,” he said.
Chumlee just returned to Las Vegas from four months of vacations in Hawaii, Los Angeles and Newport Beach. On Monday, “Pawn Stars” begins shooting 60 episodes. Yes, 60.
Chumlee seems like the kind of person who enjoys spending tons of money and has little discipline.
And it would not surprise me if the guy is broke within a few years after Pawn Stars goes off the air.
But at least he is enjoying his time now.

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