Saturday, May 2, 2015

Welcome To Kingman, AZ., Where We Jack Up Prices

In the past month, gas at gas stations along Route 66 was about $2.25 a gallon.
Today, the gas prices on Route 66 are $2.85.
The reason?
Today was a Fun Run along Route 66, from Seligman to Toprock, AZ., a 3 day affair. There were about 800 cars, from Model T's to Corvettes and everything in between drove between the 2 cities.
The worst offenders of gas gouging is the Flying J Truck Stop and the Maverick gas station on Route 66 in Kingman.
Other stations have raised their gas prices but not near as much as Maverick or Flying J.
Other stations on Stockton Hill Rd., which is in the heart of Kingman, the gas price was $2.69 at Smiths and $2.71 Circle K.
The regular gas prices on Route 66 is actually more than diesel prices, which has not happened in a long time.  In fact, diesel gas has not gone up in price.
So, welcome to Kingman, AZ., where if you are a tourist, we will jack up the prices for you.

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