Saturday, May 16, 2015

Liberal Hypocrisy Once Again

You really have to hand it to liberals.  They could kill a person, apologize and they would think they all is all right with the world.
The latest hypocrite is George Stephanopoulos and his donations to the Clinton money machine that pays the Clintons millions, saying that he cared about certain liberal ideas and he pretended that the Clinton's money laundering machine was the only "charity" that could help his cause.
Even though Stephanopoulos was a complete partisan, as he was a Clintonite when the Clinton's were in office, the number 3 guy in the Clinton administration behind Bill and Hillary the liberals loved him to be part of the main stream because after all, the media is about 90% liberal.
And the other 10% of the media is Fox News, which is run by Roger Ailes.  Ailes also used to be a political operative for Republicans.
Well, the liberals vilify Fox News and Ailes and complain that because Ailes was a GOP operative, he is biased toward conservatives.
And liberals say that Stephanopoulos is fair and balanced and Ailes is not.
Again, no wonder that the average IQ of a liberal is around 10.
And there is this:

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