Monday, May 4, 2015

Fox News: Ooops

Fox News - Fair & Balanced (and stupid)
This morning, the Fox News web site ran a big headline of a cop shooting a Black man in Baltimore.
The someone from Fox News said they actually saw the shooting.
They showed a picture of Black man on a stretcher, with 2 paramedics helping the patient.
There was no shooting.
No one was really hurt.
But there was a mini riot and the cops supposedly shot tear gas balls into the crowds.
And the web site headline was gone in about 30 minutes and without and explanation or apology.
And apparently, Fox News on the TV side also reported on it and then retracted the story.
Sooo, when there is a big story, can you still trust Fox News over CNN or MSNBC? 
Oh, absolutely.  They are still much better than those liberal networks.
Mistakes do happen.

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