Thursday, May 21, 2015


From Fox News: In the long-running campaign by Republican-led states to rein in food stamp abuses and curb the now-$74 billion program, lawmakers are trying a new approach: Restricting what foods can and can't be on a family's grocery list. 
The move is controversial, with critics accusing GOP lawmakers of playing food police to further burden people already struggling. 
“It’s not meant to shame anyone or be punitive," Wisconsin state Rep. Robert Brooks said. 
Brooks is pushing a bill -- which last week cleared the state Assembly -- limiting what foods could be purchased under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. It's the latest effort by lawmakers to put together an approved menu for food stamp users, following a bill in Missouri to restrict benefits from being used for energy drinks, seafood, steak and other items. 
The catch is any state would need a federal waiver to make these kinds of changes to the federal program, and the odds of that being granted seem slim. 
“It would make sense for the federal government to adopt new guidelines but they don’t,” Brooks told Still, he said, "it’s important for us to drive the conversation."
Women Infant and Children (WIC) restrict the type and amount of food for those who are on it,
Michelle Obama and the liberals demand that school children demand to fed a certain way if the school districts want to be reimbursed for feeding poor children.
So, why not demand that those on food stamps be forced to only buy certain items and not be allowed to buy other items.
After all, don't we want those on food stamps be healthy, just like those on WIC and in the Federal school lunch program?

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