Friday, June 5, 2015

Another Hot Female Inmate

Who would expect her to be a vicious criminal and why is she smiling so much?
From the Pahrump Valley Times:
Raquel Ramirez was jailed on May 29 and faces preliminary charges of burglary and assault with a deadly weapon after deputies with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office were called to a residence on West Charleston Park Avenue regarding a suspected domestic violence.
When deputies made contact with the victim, he reportedly stated that Ramirez came home and told the victim she was kicking him out of the house when an altercation ensued.
The victim said that Ramirez allegedly picked up a bat and began breaking his belongings and he was forced to escape into the bathroom for protection and locked himself in.
However, Ramirez started hitting the door and breaking her way into the bathroom, swinging the bat at him. The victim explained that he used a towel in an attempt to block the bat from hitting him and was able to get out the window and attempt to call 911.
My guess is that she will probably get off because the victim will be too embarrassed that he got beat up by a girl... that or a jury of all males will feel sorry for her.
And the reason for her smiling?
Maybe she is hoping her smiling mug shot will go viral and she will make lots of money or get a lot of dates- legal or otherwise.

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  1. Dan, you don't understand, men are not aloud to defend themselves in domestic disputes.