Saturday, June 20, 2015

Obama Predicts The Future For Himself

From NewsMax: At a Hollywood fundraiser, President Barack Obama seemed to make a Freudian slip about his time in office coming to an end.
Obama confused his own situation with non-violent criminals in prison when speaking at the Thursday night event hosted by actor-producer Tyler Perry,
USA Today is reporting.
"We should be reforming our criminal justice system in such a way that we are not incarcerating non-violent offenders in ways that renders them incapable of getting a job after they leave office," he said.
When the audience laughed, he reportedly took notice of the Freudian slip.
"Little slip of the tongue there. Tyler is going to give me job once I leave," he said.
Obama then reminded the crowd about a joke President Bill Clinton made in 1993 when he was giving a tour of the White House, and he said it was "the crown jewel of the federal penal
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Yep, Obama has violated so many laws that it would do him wise to pardon himself just before he leaves office.

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