Friday, June 5, 2015

The BLM Learns It's Lesson

From the Las Vegas Sun: Federal land managers say they won't immediately enforce drought-related grazing restrictions in northern Nevada so as to avoid confrontation with ranchers openly defying the order.
Ranchers Dan and Eddyann Filippini have been notified they are violating the closure ordered in 2013 in an area covering more than 150 square miles near Battle Mountain about 200 miles northeast of Reno, Bureau of Land Management spokesman Rudy Evenson said Thursday.
But he said BLM acting-state director John Ruhs told them the agency won't try to stop them while they continue negotiating a compromise. "We're not going to come out there and have a big confrontation," Evenson told the Elko Daily Free Press.
The Filippinis announced earlier this week on their Facebook page, "Stand with Battle Mountain," that they intended to turn cattle out on the 100,000-acre North Buffalo allotment with a checkerboard ownership pattern, where most of the land belongs to the ranchers but public land is sprinkled throughout. There are no fences to keep the animals off U.S. land where grazing currently is prohibited.
I am glad the BLM has learned a lesson or two from the Bundy incident.  They are going to battle against a bunch of cows who are doing no damage to the environment and actually may help it by reducing fuel that may cause massive fires or fertilizing the soil with their cow dung.
The Fed's own about 90%+ of Nevada, I'm sure they have more things to worry about than some cows grazing on a very small percentage of land the BLM oversees.

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