The director whose latest project filming in Chicago — “Chiraq” — has drawn criticism from several city leaders offended by its working title, headlined the annual end of the school year peace march of St. Sabina Church.
Taking the stage to rousing applause, Lee said: “I’d like to say, you look beautiful from up here. What’s up Chicago?”
“You know why we’re here — we all want peace in Chicago,” Lee told the 500 or so area residents and members of community groups who turned out.
“Despite what you might read in the papers, I’ve gotten nothing but love from you, and I appreciate it,” he said. “You make me feel very good, and have given us a lot of support.
“As many of you know, we’re doing a film. We’re not going to say what the name of that film is tonight. Leave that out. But you know, I didn’t make it up,” he said of the city’s Chiraq nickname, drawing laughter. 
Lee brought a few friends along, including Chicagoans Jennifer Hudson and John Cusack, who both also addressed the community — Hudson in a brief, heartfelt plea on an issue that hit close to home, given the 2008 murders of her mother, her brother and her nephew.
“Y’all, we gotta stop the killing,”  she said, tearfully. ”We gotta stop. We gotta stop. I’m out here with my Chicagoans. We gotta stand for peace.”
Following Hudson, Cusack told the crowd they were all prophets.
“A Jesuit priest once said a prophet is someone who tells the truth, walks the walk, and pays up,” he said. “So everybody here by that definition is a prophet. The police are prophets. Everybody wants peace, and this city . . . has paid the cost.”
I've never have been a fan of Spike Lee, but at least and his friends are doing something President Obama refuses to do: Call for the end of violence in Chicago.
Obama had a chance to talk about the violence in Chicago and other big cities after the Charleston SC murders, but Obama punted and talked about the usual things: race and gun control.
Obama is a failed president and I think he realizes it when no one listens to him anymore.