Sunday, June 14, 2015

Been Watching The Women's World Cup...

I've been watching the FIFA Women's World Cup the past couple of days and came away with these thoughts:
1.  The world is not coming to Canada to watch the games.  In most crowd shots, the stadiums are half filled, if that.
2.  Some teams look like a good boys high school soccer team, not all, but most of them.
3.  Soccer is still boring, men's or women's.
4.  Most of the soccer players look pretty hot for this old man, except for the U.S. team, where it seems they go out of their way to look ugly.
5.  I highly doubt many people are watching games like France vs Columbia and I was watching the game and there were not many people in the stadium.
6.  Like the WNBA, Danica Patrick and the LPGA, these ladies do not have the skills that could not even come close to males in these sports, or even high school or average college teams.
So, if you do happen to tune into the Women's World Cup, don't expect too much but enjoy the beauty of ladies competing.

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  1. You mention enjoy the beauty. What I noticed was more short haired tattooed females, and less beauties than in past years. The Mexican team seemed to be the exception of the few games I watched.