Friday, June 26, 2015

Supremes Are Wrong...Again

Once again, the U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong again, this time, on gay marriage.
I have always said it is up to the states to decide if gay marriage is legal or not, not 1 judge, as is reality, this case, with Justice Kennedy being the difference.
One man decided the law of the land.
One man.  Think about that.
How is that any different than old Soviet Union or North Korea?
Actually, with the Soviet Union, they had the politburo made up of many men (were there any females on it, I honestly don't know) and decided what was right or wrong for them.
So, maybe we more like North Korea with Justice(?) Kennedy in the role of Kim Jong-Un.
Just one man (or woman) setting law in the States that choose not to have gay marriage.
And regardless of what the liberals and those support gay marriage say, it's not going to stop with this one ruling, the gay movement will not be satisfied until everyone is forced to accept gay marriage and that especially includes religious organizations, like the Catholic Church and other evangelical churches.  We see this happening right now, with the gay community demanding to be involved in religious activities like the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in NYC and other church related activities. 
And I fear that if a church or non-profit refuses to recognize gay marriage, the Federal government will step in and revoke their non-profit status or deny funding or ways the government can harass non-profits.  We've already seen this happen with the IRS scandal under Obama, so if Hillary gets in, we will probably be seeing this happen.
So, one man decided the law of the land and it is a shame and it is un-American, at least it used to be.

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