Saturday, June 6, 2015

Finally, A Triple Crown Winner In Horse Racing

Horse racing finally has a Triple crown winner when American Pharaoh kicked butt on the field.
From ESPN: By midstretch, Bob Baffert knew it. American Pharoah was going to win the Triple Crown.
He took his eyes off the horse to soak in the crazed scene of the packed grandstand. Fans jumped up and down, hugged, and tossed drinks in the air.
The race wasn't even over yet, and the crowd knew it, too. Thirty-seven years of waiting to see one of the rarest feats in sports was almost over.
"The crowd was just thundering, and I was just enjoying the crowd and the noise and everything happening," the white-haired trainer said. "What a feeling."
Finally, a Triple Crown winner. And this one was never in doubt.
American Pharoah led all the way to win the Belmont Stakes by 5½ lengths Saturday, becoming the first horse in 37 years to sweep the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes -- one of the sporting world's rarest feats.
"Wow! Wow!" jockey Victor Espinoza said moments after crossing the finish line. "I can only tell you it just an amazing thing. It's just unbelievable how things work out."
37 years since the last Triple Crown winner and I was just a lad still in high school when Affirmed won.
Some thoughts:
In the pre-race, there was a Burger King King sitting with the owners... Why?
Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 5.44.02 PM
If you bet on American Pharaoh for this race, you didn't make a lot of money.  If you want to make real some money, save the winning tickets of American Pharaoh in the Kentucky Derby, Belmont and Preakness and hang on to them for several years and then sell them on E-Bay or some other auction site as these tickets will be collectible.
There will be some accusations that the race is fixed.
Finally, it was nice to see the horse and jockey do a Polish victory lap.
Here is the race:

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