Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Senile Harry reid Shows He Is 100% Senile

From the Las Vegas Sun:
No, Sen. Harry Reid is not calling on UNLV to change the name of the Runnin’ Rebels or get rid of Hey Reb! because they could be construed as a reference to the Confederacy.
Reid responded, “I believe that the Board of Regents should take that up and take a look at it.”
News outlets quickly ran with the story, asserting that Reid was calling on university and higher education leaders to change it.
But Reid spokeswoman Kristen Orthman said the former Senate majority leader wasn't planning to talk about UNLV and wouldn't have said anything if he hadn't been asked.  http://lasvegassun.com/news/2015/jun/23/reid-says-he-didnt-urge-unlv-rethink-its-mascot/
Umm, Kristen, he was asked and he gave an answer. 
What are the press supposed to do, not ask the senile senator any questions because his answers are worthless because of his senility?
Now, even Kristen admits her boss is senile.

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