Thursday, June 25, 2015

ObamaCare Lives, Obama, Republicans Win, Public, Democrats Loses

In a disgraceful ruling by the Supreme Court, the Supremes upheld ObamaCare with a 6-3 majority.
Obama wins because this is his law and is responsible.
The Republicans win because they will use this ruling against Democrats in the 2016 and will probably will win the presidency and expand their majorities in the Congress.
The Democrats will lose because they will continue to lose seats in Congress and maybe in the State houses as well.
And of course, the public will continue to lose on this issue.
The good points on ObamaCare:
1. People can get insurance even if they have pre-existing conditions.
2. There are no life time limits on the amount of health insurance.
3. Children can be included in their family's insurance to age 26, I believe.
Those are the only good things about ObamaCare.
Now, the bad points:
1.  People who were working full time jobs now usually work part time, less than 30 hours a week.
2. Insurance premiums have increased significantly because of ObamaCare.
3. More people are now uninsured, about 30,000,000 or roughly 10% of the United State's citizens have no insurance.
4. Many people have lost their health insurance .
5.  Many people have lost their long time doctors because of ObamaCare.
6.  Wait times in ER rooms has significantly increased due to ObamaCare, even though Democrats promised a shorter wait time.
7. Subsidies are going to help bankrupt the country.
8. You still cannot buy health insurance plans across state lines.
There are many more ObamaCare disasters to list but the good points of ObamaCare help very few people, compared to the many more millions who have been hurt by ObamaCare.
The Democrats own the ObamaCare and they will have to defend it in 2016.
Good luck with that.

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