Thursday, June 4, 2015

Good For The School

From Fox News and Todd Starnes:
A group of people in Senatobia, Miss., have been charged with disrupting a high school graduation ceremony by hootin’, hollerin’ and carryin’ on like their mommas didn’t raise ’em right.
Three family members were served warrants for allegedly disturbing the peace at the Senatobia High School graduation ceremony on May 21. The warrants threaten jail time and a $500 bond. A fourth excessive shouter is still on the loose and has not been served.
Well, there’s a bit more to this story, according to Jay Foster, the superintendent of the school system – and the man who swore out those warrants.
Four years ago the high school graduation ceremony in Mississippi’s Five Star City resembled an episode of “The Jerry Springer Show.”
“That’s what we felt like our graduation ceremony had been turned into,” Foster told me. “It was who can be the loudest – who can take the attention away from the kids the most.”
That was Foster’s first year on the job, and what happened during that ceremony left an indelible mark.
“There was yelling and catcalling and people would get up and leave while we were calling out students’ names,” he said. “A family came up to me afterwards and said they had enjoyed their 12 years here but it was a shame that their last impression of Senatobia High School was graduation. They didn’t even get to see their daughter or hear their daughter because of all the noise and the way people acted.”
As a teacher, I have been to numerous graduations and award ceremonies and almost every time, you have some fool parent or relative who will cause a commotion by shouting, whistling or otherwise act the fool.
And these morons are not doing it to recognize their graduate or award winner- most of the time, the kid is embarrassed- these morons do it to bring attention to themselves.
So, good for the superintendent to bring charges against these yahoos and I wish more school districts would do the same thing.

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