Thursday, June 18, 2015

Charleston Church Shooting Thoughts

Yesterday, was a sad day in the history of Charlotte, North Carolina, when 9 Black members of a church were killed by white 21 year old man.
Some thoughts:  It was a tragedy.
But to put the killing perspective, I am willing to bet that at least 9 Black people are murdered in the United States each day by other Blacks.
Why isn't there any outrage over that?
The thug killer is nothing more than a thug terrorist and he should be given the death penalty.
President Obama gave a so-so speech about the murders and then he tries to bring politics into it by demanding stricter gun laws before the bodies are even released to their families.
And as usual, people are blaming conservatives, talk radio, NRA and the other usual culprits.- No, some punk thug killed these people and he is a lone wolf, unless someone helped him.  We don't even know his political views and at age 21, chances are he doesn't even have a real defined set of political values.  And if the conservatives, NRA, and talk radio are responsible for these deaths, then liberals are to blame every time there is a murder a big city, along with liberal talk radio.
It would be interesting to see where he got his views and why he decided to do the killing.   Right now, we don't know and probably won't know until there are court hearings.
RIP to the dead and prayers to the families and friends.

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  1. This has false flag written all over it.

    Consider the timing of this news: people around the US are fed up with the blacks rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore, et al and are getting ready to tell them enough's enough. Then you have a guy who is a registered democrat, who voted for Obama, who has a ton of black friends on his FB page, who suddenly comes out of nowhere to start a race war by shooting at a bunch of innocent blacks praying at church. Not just any church but an historical one that MLK once preached at. Cue "Ebony & Ivory" as we get almost non stop coverage of the bad white kid who took race relations back another step. People "heal" as they pray together for this horrible crime while Obama wastes no time making it a gun issue (the last one being the biggest tell tale sign).