Friday, June 26, 2015

The Upside Of the Supreme Court Rulings

Well, there is an upside of the Supreme Court rulings about gay marriage and ObamaCare.
In 2016, there is a presidential election and these rulings are going to be a lightening rod for conservatives and put a damper on the democrats.
The Democrats made a lot of money off the gay marriage issue and that is now off the table.
The Democrats really don't like Hillary and she will forever tied to ObamaCare and gay marriage and will have to be on the defensive.
The Black community, even though they vote liberal and vote Democratic, will not go to the polls like they did with Obama.  For the most part, Blacks and Hispanics do not like gay marriage and they may vote for a Republican or at least stay home from the polls.
There will also be race riots this summer and next and there will be a backlash against these riots as well.
There will be a backlash against liberals in 2016.  we saw it in 2014 and we will see it again.  The reason?  The United states people are neither liberal or conservative and when 1 side gets too powerful, the people swing the other way.  In recent history, we went from Carter, a liberal to Reagan, a conservative.  Then GW Bush to Clinton.  Then back to another Bush and then to Obama, so history says a Republican will win in 2016.
And if the GOP wins and keeps control of the House and Senate, they have a good chance of taking back a couple of Supreme Court seats.  There are at least 2 justices, Ginsberg and Breyer who have 1 step in the grave and most likely won't last another 4-8 years.  I also doubt that the Republicans in the Senate will approve a liberal Supreme Court justice under Obama, but then the leadership in the GOP Senate are not the brightest Special Olympians in the bunch.
So, it is important that a true conservative win the GOP nomination and win the presidency.
However, the powers in the Republican are extremely stupid and they will find a way to screw things up.
It's what Republican leadership do.

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