Thursday, June 11, 2015

This is Cool

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From the LVRJ:
This Sunday, the “Blue Man Group” will present a “sensory-friendly” show, more suitable for children with autism spectrum disorders.
Tickets will drop to $36 for this 2 p.m. show at the Monte Carlo hotel, with a bit going to the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation.
What does this mean? Basically, “slight modifications” will slim the sound and light, and earplugs will be available if people ask for them. Plus, performers will limit and somewhat subdue their interactions with the crowd, while presenting a calmer lobby experience. For more information, check out and
As someone who has worked with autistic kids, the normal show of the Blue Man Group would not be good for those with autism.  The lights and sound would do a lot of harm to them and the those with autism would kind of freak out.
So, it is nice the Blue Men is doing this, but $36 a ticket seems awfully high for those with autism and their families as most people with autism and their families just are not rich to go to this show.

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