Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What A Shame

Another cop has to quit after doing his job properly all because of bunch of brain dead racist dolts.
From Fox News:
The police officer filmed wrestling a teen to the ground at a Texas pool party resigned Tuesday, and the city's police chief blasted his actions as "indefensible."
McKinney, Texas Chief Greg Conley told reporters at an evening briefing that Officer David Eric Casebolt, 41, was "out of control." Casebolt resigned from the force earlier in the day, the chief confirmed.
A viral video showed Casebolt, who is white, pushing a bikini-clad black, teenage girl to the ground last Friday and brandishing his gun at other black teens after he and other officers responded to complaints about the pool party at a community-owned McKinney swimming pool.
Here is the video:

First, the black girl is nothing but a loud mouth and when interviewed shows she has no respect for anyone and that she is a Jerry Springer wanna be guest or be in the audience.  She resisted arrest or detention and fought with the cop.
As far as the cop pulling the gun, he had 2 thugs suddenly come up behind him and the cop didn't know if they were going for his gun, tackle him or cause any other harm to the cop.  The cop had every right to pull the gun on the thugs who came up behind him.
It's too bad that the police chief threw the cop under the bus.
It also is too bad that Obama voters made death threats against the cop and other cops. It really shows how classy these thugs are.
Sadly, the cop involved had to resign because he had no support from the police chief, who is a 100% coward and thugs from the community who decided that bunch of thug kids, especially the Jerry Springer guest wanna be, should get more respect than the cop who was just doing his job.


  1. Oh, come on, Dan! The T.J.Hooker drop-and-roll didn't spell out that this cop was a douche-waffle? This was a bunch of rowdy kids, not armed "thugs." One of the kids you accused of coming up behind him was interviewed. He wasn't reaching under his waistband, he was hitching up his pants. This cop was a hotdog, and was overreacting to the situation. There were TWELVE cops there to break up a teenage party.

    Good grief, I've worked crowd control at amusement parks and playgrounds. I've broken up fights and dealt with situations worse than this. I had no gun, and can't imagine having drawn one. These weren't thugs, they were kids.

    All of that said, yes, if a cop was ordering me around, I'd most likely comply with what he said, even if I found it ridiculous. But this girl in particular posed no threat to the man, and he treated her badly. He made the situation worse by making the other kids run to her defense.

  2. If you want unbiased facts about this story (and some frame by frame examination of the video) may I suggest

    From what I saw (including stills from the video) two boys were ganging up on the cop - who had no back up at that point. One looks like he was either about to sucker punch the cop (he has a fist behind his back) or is trying to make the cop think he was armed and collect on the ghetto lottery prize. I can't blame the cop for pulling his weapon but he holstered it immediately once back up arrived and the showoffs took off in a hurry.

    All those kids were brought there on purpose via a FB ad from a DJ who regularly sets up "swarming" parties in various area neighborhoods. They purposely swarmed the pool area to create a scene and have the Black Grievance Industry troops at the ready. They lied about the whites telling them to go back to their Sec 8 housing, they even attacked a local woman (who had two little ones in tow) and yanked at her hair. The woman who tried to break up that fight was identified and fired from her job (Core Logic, Inc.) and was accused by these frauds as being a racist. Her employers let her go without any evidence. She was also received death threats (one of several residents in the area) and is now fighting back. She hired Gloria Allred to nail everyone responsible - and I hope to heaven she wins big!!