Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NBA Finals Game 6 Prediction

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I admit when it comes to the NBA, I wear a tin foil hat.
Tonight is the game 6 in the NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers, in Cleveland.
Here is my prediction:
Cleveland will win and force a game 7 and LeBron James will have another monster night.
Why are these my predictions?
The NBA is just step above the WWE for being a fair sport.  We all know the WWE is fake wrestling but the NBA comes a very close 2nd place.
A game 7 is worth probably close $100,000,000 in revenue to the NBA, the teams, TV, Las Vegas casinos, radio, the advertisers and others.  The NBA by way of the referees, will try to avoid the series to end tonight.
How can the ref's do this without appearing to obvious?  They can put Golden State players in foul trouble by calling ticky-tack fouls, they can slow down the game by calling traveling and other infractions they normally don't call, give LeBron superstar treatment but Stephen Curry and other ways.
The game is in Cleveland, so the ref's may not have to try very hard, but they are Plan B if it seems that Golden state is threatening to win the game.
I don't have a dog in this series.  I dislike both teams and I think both Cleveland and San Fran./Oakland are cesspools of cities.
One final prediction: No matter who wins/loses in Game 7, there will riots/lootings in both cities, especially Oakland, where it seems, they riot and or loot just about every weekend, just for kicks.
So, I think there will be Game 7 at Golden State, I almost guarantee it.
Update: Ok, I made my first mistake of the month- Golden State defeated Cleveland, 105-97, winning the NBA Championship.
Let the rioting and looting begin.

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