Sunday, June 21, 2015

Obama Off Visiting Girlfriend In California

I have said numerous times that President Obama has a girlfriend on the West Coast and the evidence just keeps on coming.
From Fox 6: President Barack Obama is spending Father’s Day without his family, instead hitting the links in Palm Springs, California, with longtime friends.
First lady Michelle Obama and his daughters, Malia and Sasha, have been abroad in London and Italy, leaving the President home alone for a week.
If the Obama's had a somewhat decent marriage, they would have spent the Father's day weekend together, but they don't have a normal family relationship, and thus, president Obama is out visiting his girlfriend.
And for someone who thinks climate change/global warming is disastrous to the country and world, the Obama's are certainly using a lot of carbon footprints this week.
Can you just imagine if a Republican would do this?  The media and left would be in an total outage mode, calling for their removal from office and some would even call for their ouster from the planet.


  1. Maybe, after all he is the nation's first gay president.